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Devon, PA | State College, PA

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Here's What We Do...

FreshStart is a Web Design company, first and foremost. We'll take your online presence (or lack thereof) and turn it into something professional. Not that the site you had built in 2003 wasn't professional, but how many things can you list that have stayed the same since the Iraq War started? Other than the Iraq War? Exactly.

So what can we do for you? Everything. What are you willing to pay us less than our competitors are charging to do for you? That's the question. 

Here's what we offer: every client of ours starts with a face to face consultation where we discuss your specific needs. You'll fall into one of two categories.

I have a website.

You have a website, great. That means we can start by talking about what your new one is going to look like, how it will function, and what the primary goal of your online presence will be.


We'll schedule a consultation, during which we'll be asking what kind of content you already have created, what we can use, what we can revise, and what we should rebuild from scratch. The more information you have available, the more accurate an estimate on time and price we can deliver.

I lack a website.

You don't have a website. That's fine, that's why FreshStart is here. Your consultation will start with a discussion about domains, hosting, and Google listings. Once you understand the basics of getting your business online, we can move on the the fun part: building your site.


For your consultation, we'll want to know what kind of business you run, whether you want to sell online, and we'll talk about what type of website will suit you best.

What next?

Whether you have a site already or not, what you need will depend on what kind of business you run. For this purpose, we insist on an in person consultation, where we'll work out all of the details of your site. For example, boutiques can sell online, but a lawnmower dealer will probably prefer to drive traffic to a storefront.


Keep in mind, we can build you a website that serves multiple purposes, but we'll try to find the most efficient option for you.

After we discuss website types, we'll also go over any other services. You may want to bring us on as SEO and/or Social Media consultants, or you may need graphic design, videos, or even a jingle. By the end of your consultation, you'll have an estimate for time to go live, price, and also for an optional monthly retainer fee; we recommend keeping us around in case you need anything.

Of course, we know that small businesses run on the margins when it comes to things like online presence and marketing, so we don't want to surprise you with our prices. We're also proud to boast some of the lowest rates around, at no cost of quality. You can see examples of our work over at the "this could be you" page. But anyway, to ensure that you know what you're getting, we've compiled a list of prices for services rendered, along with the industry average.