We're glad you clicked the button. FreshStart offers a variety of services, available in multiple packages or individually to suit your needs. You can browse all of them here on the website, or you can call, text, or email us. We're flexible. What can we do for you?

Every business needs a website, but not all businesses need the same kind of website. Your comic book store's site shouldn't look like the florist's from down the road. Even if we built hers, too. We'll sit down with you, talk through the requirements specific to your business, and come up with a plan for how to get you on the web and get people in the door. And the consultation is free. Nice.

Social Media has more functional resources for business than ever before. A good marketing strategy (coupled with a good website) can drive traffic to your door at an unprecedented rate. There might be five different pizza places within a mile, but if yours is the most active on social media, and in the most relevant ways, it's you who will be hauling in the lion's share of the profits. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most exhaustive part of your online presence. It's complicated, it requires time put into researching through databases, and it requires constant vigilance into up and coming search trends. That's why big SEO companies exist, and its why they charge through the nose for even basic services. We're less expensive than the competition, and we don't have lawyers or accountants telling us what to do. We live on the edge.

Other Services

Most of what FreshStart offers is focused on getting your business online in a meaningful, relevant, and modern capacity. However, we call ourselves full service for a reason. If you need something for your website, we will get it done. You need a video advertising your new and improved weed whacker selection? We'll make it happen. You want your logo redesigned? We're on it. That said, we know our limitations, and if we can't get it done, we'll find someone who can and subcontract him. We'll manage your online store, organize a marketing campaign, even send holiday cards to your relatives - although we won't wear the matching sweaters. You need it, we'll make it happen.

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